Pro Dog High Back Hydrobath

Pro Dog hydrobaths use the most up to date technology and designs within our Hydrobath range. We design and construct our dog baths to your personal needs and requirements, rather than you having to settle for an inferior product made by other manufacturers. Our high back bath can be purchased as a free standing bath tub, an electric lift bath tub or a hydrobath and can be fitted with either a 90 ltr water tank, our standard 140 ltr water tank or our brand new 190 ltr water tank. Both our 140 ltr and 190 ltr water tanks have the option of our fantastic Pro Dog quick heat system, which uses a 2kw or 2.5kw digital immersion heater. This now heats the water in 15 minutes or less, unlike most other dog baths that can take up to 2 hours or more. This will provide enough warm water for an average of 6‐10 dog washes a day depending on your tank choice. Our latest option is our new and exciting fresh water rinse system, available on all Pro Dog Baths to maximize cleanliness. This pumps fresh warm water straight from the water tank to make sure your dog is thoroughly clean!! This is an extremely popular choice, as it means the final rinse has no contamination of any soaps etc from the bathing process.

How A Hydrobath Works

A Pro Dog Hydro bath works by spraying a high volume of warm water through a conventional shower head. This will penetrate and massage the thickest of dog coats for fast, efficient cleaning and grooming. The shampoo is added to the water in the sump (the collection tank situated in the bottom of the bath) before you start. The shampoo mixes with the water and is sprayed at a high volume using the powerful water pump, allowing the solution to soak right through to the dog’s skin where most problems occur. The water is re-circulated around the hydrobath before draining back into the sump. The shampoo and water solution passes through a stainless mesh filter before being pumped back through the shower head, this ensure’s the dog’s coat is cleaned thoroughly. The sump is drained and refilled with clean water to rinse the dog, backed up with our new Pro Dog fresh water rinse system to maximise cleanliness.  Hydrobaths reduce bathing times dramatically and with the government wanting to make water meters compulsory, this will reduce your water bills and shampoo usage compared to traditional bathing methods

“I used Pro Dog Baths in 2012 to fibreglass line my first grooming van, I didn’t really know where to start but was given a lot of time and advice by Pro Dog Baths. To my specification and within my budget, my bath was made and fitted all at a flexible time and with a quick turnaround.

The Hydrobath is easy to fill and use, the handy removable door means no lifting bigger dogs. The size of the bath is good too- I have my regular large dogs fit easily (great Pyrenees and Great Dane)

3 years on and with daily use I have not had any problems with any fixings and after a good clean the fiber glassed lined walls and floor come up like new! After sales service has also been great too, Eric has always been on hand to help with any questions I may have and happy to give more advice. I would totally recommend pro dog baths for their friendly and professional services.”

“Having worked in parlours and used numerous dog grooming baths we decided to source the market for a bath that would give us a larger water supply for our mobile vans. At this time we came across Eric at Pro Dog Baths
Right from the start his knowledge and product information was 2nd to none
So as planned and agreed we ordered the bath which arrived promptly on time and I have to say what an excellent product!

The help and after-care service has been excellent and I fully endorse this product so much so that if you need to contact me on (07828) 465951
I would be only too happy to recommend and endorse this excellent product!”

I am an established dog groomer in a salon but with overheads becoming bigger by the minute I am thinking of buying a van. I have just spoken to Eric who ran through loads of ideas, details, prices etc with me. He was lovely, took time with me and was too helpful, all I need now is a van lol but when I do I will be going straight to him. Thanks Eric x
Jane Chenley
“I bought my new van conversion literally last minute before Xmas seen and bought in a day the van is fab easy to use, cleverly designed and they have actually thought about things before they have done it I completed my 87 dogs in the 3 weeks before Christmas without any issues and it only took me 1hr to clean and damn did it need some cleaning after that I can tell u
Great customer service,great van and lovely guys. Highly recommend”
Angie Bradford
“Pro dog baths have a great customer service, the bath is very good quality with a great water pump!”
“I would highly recommend pro dog baths to anyone. I love my bath, my customers are all impressed with it too, and the service is fantastic. I’ve had my bath for over a year now, with absolutely no problems, it still looks like new despite being used to groom 5 dogs a day.”
Terri Stuart
“From start to finish the whole experience with pro baths was very professional. My bespoke van and bath was just as I requested and was finished on schedule. I would highly recommend Eric to produce your grooming bath or bespoke grooming van. I have now had mine for 1 year and 6 months still working perfectly.”
Josephine Rickarby

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Pro Dog Hydrobaths Advantages

Hydrobath Dimensions

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS :‐ Length: 1200mm, Width: 690mm (860mm with a rear mounted water tank) Height: Back 1350mm Front 860mm (Side mounted water tank Length 1480mm, Width 700mm, the height at the front and rear remain the same)

Prices start from as little as £1000 (including 20% VAT)

Pro Dog High Back Tub Only

For use in a salon environment with both a hot and cold-water supply, via an electric shower or combi boiler.

£1000 (inc. 20% VAT)

Pro Dog High Back Electric Lift Tub Only

For use alongside a Pro Dog Hydro Pod, or a salon with both a hot and cold-water supply, via an electric shower or combi boiler.

£1500 (inc. 20% VAT)

Pro Dog Hydro Pod

For use alongside the Pro Dog High Back Electric Lift Tub, turning the tub into a Hydrobath. Alternatively, the Pro Dog Hydro Pod can be fitted to most supplier’s bath tubs, transforming them into hydrobaths. The Hydro Pod is fitted with a 90ltr heated water tank, water pump and all the usual functions of a hydrobath.

£2200 (inc. 20% VAT)

Pro Dog High Back Tankless Hydrobath

Pro Dog High Back Bath fitted with a high powered water pump but no large heated water tank. This is for use with a separate external heated water tank (not supplied) or fill the recirculation tank via an electric shower or combi boiler.

£1725 (inc. 20% VAT)

Pro Dog High Back Salon Hydrobath

Fitted with a heated 90 ltr rear or side mounted water tank and fresh water rinse system. Fitted with a 2.5 kw digital immersion heater and designed to stay connected to a mains water supply whilst in use.

£2575 (inc. 20% VAT)

Pro Dog High Back Mobile Hydrobath 140

Fitted with a heated 140 ltr water tank, quick heat system and fresh water rinse system.

£2600 (inc. 20% VAT)

Pro Dog High Back Mobile Hydrobath 190

Fitted with a heated 190 ltr rear mounted water tank, quick heat system and fresh water rinse system.

£2675 (inc. 20% VAT)

Pro Dog Small Dog Shelf

Made in white to match the baths interior.

£175 (inc. 20% VAT)

Pro Dog Colours

Light grey, dark grey and white are our standard free colours, all other colours incur a fee to cover the cost of pigments and carriage.

£60 (inc. 20% VAT)

Delivery Costs for Pro Dog Hydrobaths (inc. 20% VAT)

Shipping within mainland UK from £105, Scotland & Northern Ireland from £140, Europe from £240. For side mounted hydrobaths, Pro Dog Hydro Pods and other destinations, please contact us for a quote.

All baths are securely strapped to a pallet, along with many layers of cardboard and bubble wrap to make sure your bath arrives safely!! 

Here are some examples of our Pro Dog High Back Hydro Baths